I Wonder

This weekend, people are gathering at Lejac, British Columbia for another year of annual celebration for Rose Prince of the Carrier (Dakelh) Nation. This is in my own backyard and yet it seems harder to visit my neighbor than going on a pilgrimage to other countries.

Again, this year, it did not happen. Sometimes, I wonder, is it me?

Rose Prince, who is she?

Rose Prince and Infant

A well-done deed brings sweetness.

Rose was a First Nation woman who lived at Lejac Residential School. An ordinary indigenous person with Holy Folly, a fool for Christ’s sake, a humble servant with extraordinary virtue who inspired others to do the same.

An astonishing discovery when her gravesite was disturbed: The workers were amazed to find both Rose’s body and clothing perfectly preserved. Other bodies were examined. All of them, some buried after Rose, were found to be decaying. When witnesses were called, including some Sisters, they found her body in perfect condition. She seemed transparent and looked as if she were sleeping. There was “just a tiny little smile on her face”. A bouquet of withered flowers was on her chest. First Nation Ministry.

Rose Prince and Susan

She came to my sister’s dreams one day, and the rest is history.

Listen to the audio: Rose Prince pilgrimage with Susan Hauck.


With no mind, flowers lure the butterfly;
With no mind, the butterfly visits the blossoms.
Yet when flowers bloom, the butterfly comes;
When the butterfly comes, the flower blooms.

Way of the fool: “No Mind” by Taigu Ryoka

6 thoughts on “I Wonder

    • Thank you, Tina. I hope that Rose Prince will be instrumental for healing amongst the indigenous people for Truth and Reconciliation especially the ones that were put into residential school by Canada in a catholic environment.

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