Shape of Water

I remember as kids back in the Philippines, we used to throw water at people on the streets celebrating this day. This is a festive occasion that I’d rather stay indoors, but some towns celebrate it in a bizarre way to commemorate the day of John the Baptist. The people in the village covered themselves with mud and banana leaves to disguise themselves walking towards the center of the town going to church.

Vancouver Aquirium

This is fun when children will engage in water fights with a water pistol, hoses or sprinklers. Passersby beware. Unfortunately, the occasion can be thwarted by other people that will spoil the fun by throwing water from the canal or ditch.

When I tell this story to our children here in Canada, the question is why throw water? Of course, I have a silly story for them.

Water Girl in Red

John the Baptist grew up in the wilderness. Being a wild person wearing sacks for clothing and smear his body with ashes, he never took a bath or shower. He was born six months before his cousin, Jesus. One day, he decided to show up, dirty and stinky. When Jesus saw his condition, he threw water at him to clean him up before he can come to the party where Jesus turned water into wine.

Biblically, John baptized Jesus.

Water Baptism of Layla

This is the real reason why we throw water at each other as a blessing to each other and to celebrate our baptism.

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