Sardine Love


What sound is this coming from afar?
Through the streets in the afternoon?
It is the people of the sea that comes from the tram
For the Sardinha party?

Arthur Duarte, 29 years old
Londrina, Brasil


The life of some fishermen revolves around the sardines. They chase them, fish them, eat them, and dream about them at night. They dream of sardines as big as this one, which can feed the whole world or perhaps realize their dreams.

Anna Kočová, 30 years old
Hluboš, República Checa


A walk on the beach reveals the trash that the sea gives us back or what we leave there, pieces of plastic, lids, lighters, syringes, beads, mobile phone batteries and a lifeless world. Saving the Sardine happens to be more conscious. This sardine was assembled with garbage from the beach, a puzzle resulting from our consumerism in increasing mode. Let’s raise awareness, SAVE SARDINIA!

Paulo Veiga aka Paveia, 51 years old
Oeiras, Portugal


Gentrification is changing the face of the city, in form and in society. This change must bring another: it should motivate the search for different symbols for a less picturesque, more contemporary and democratic Tagus River landscape. There is another “postcard” of Lisbon, less believed but equally beautiful and powerful: the great LISNAVE portico, immense and unmistakable water gate, swing of the classic Cais das Colunas, and merchant ships that glide placidly along the Tagus. There is no defeat or withdrawal: beauty is in the eyes of those who know how to observe the surprising and peaceful forms of the Portuguese landscape.

Stefanos Antoniadis, 35 years old
Padova, Itália


The sardines are essential in our ecosystem and in the food chain. To maintain this balance and to continue eating sardines in the future, measures must be taken to protect the species. My representation, with the fisherman embracing the sardine, symbolizes this respect for an animal that gives us so much. Putting together these two contrasting elements, with strong colors, passes an image of strength, a positive message.

Boris Biberdzic, 32 years old
Montreal, Canadá

The five winning sardines in the traditional sardines contest in Fiesta de Lisbao can be found here. It’s written in Portugues translated by Google.

I love sardines! Growing up in the Philippines, there are many ways of cooking sardines.

7 thoughts on “Sardine Love

  1. I grew up utterly landlocked on the Prairies and sardines were something that came out of roll-top cans and went directly onto slices of toast. Their origin was as shrouded as that of kidney beans.

    I know that you’re not fishing for compliments but I really appreciate this alternate viewpoint about sardines; coming, as it does, from someone who grew up with them as a bright, sparkling, living things.

    You know them as a whole fish, fresh and gleaming, out of the water, Rather than as the pressure-cooked and tarnished fillets that I am familiar with.

    • Even canned sardines come in varied flavourful that is mouth watering.

      The old proverb “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Is a reminder for what is happening in this blue dot.

      The art is the bait.

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