Photograph and Memories

Little Buddha of ABC in Chang Rai,Thailand.

Front (L-R) Nan, Nut Nit, Dai, Mai     Back (L-R) Bas, Unknown, Kow Fong, Nam Fon

I love this shot of the children squatting in the garden. It reminds me of gardening. Different seeds sprouted and they grew into a beautiful living being with its own personality.

These are the little buddhas I took care of as a volunteer at ABC Center in Chang Rai, Thailand, at their finest.

Thailand, a Buddhist country. I learned the noble truth of suffering and impermanence. My teacher, the children.

ABC stands for Aids Baby Center. The children have aids except for Nam Fon. As much as they were sick, they were filled with joy and love. We had so much fun, regardless.

They lived for the moment.

They suffered.

Their life was short.

For me, the lesson: I think of them when I feel that life is unfair.

7 thoughts on “Photograph and Memories

  1. I feel moved by this. I struggle with any suffering of children, but these poor litle guys. It is something that they are happy but I hate the fact they ahve been born into this illness.

  2. Amazing Perpetua. And how right you are – no matter our circumstance there are always many who would trade with us in a heartbeat. Loved your analogy about them growing from sprouts!

  3. A lovely photo of kids being kids. Sad to hear that they had a short life, but perhaps they lived life to the fullest. Some of us have got life much easier, for others it’s a struggle all the way through. Always worth reminding ourselves what we’ve have and to be greatful for that.

Please share your reflection. Thank you.

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