The Source


To be a mother is to be
a Touchstone
and the Source,
Bestower of names,
Influencer of identities;
Life giver,
Life shaper,
Original Love.

Poem: God Our Mother by Allison Woodward
Art by: Dan S. Siglos

Note: I have been posting my brother’s art painting for Sunday Snippet. If we are to ask him now what inspires him to paint, he will answer that the source he receives comes from the Holy Spirit. He created this painting titled Mary, Mother of God, way before the thought of working with spiritual artwork. In many ways, he is self-taught without formal education with Emily Carr.

Is art a depiction of our brain and mind? At what state is our thought would be in order to produce illustrations that is worthwhile? Or is it a gift from beyond our consciousness of spiritual nature?

2 thoughts on “The Source

  1. Perpetua,
    From God’s mind is created the most incomprehensible beauty graced upon this infinite cosmic canvass of which we are the closest among all entities to that divine thought. Why then should it be so surprising that one so endeared by God could create upon a finite canvass a tribute that displays a likeness of the nearly inconceivable celestial beauty that awaits those who love and trust in Him.

Please share your reflection. Thank you.

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