End of the World … Highly Unlikely

Pandemonium … chaos … the ground is shaking … the buildings are collapsing … heavy blocks falling … cars on fire … Run for your life!

Highly unlikely the world is ending. Not just yet.

Supergirl is here to the rescue!

The filming of a Vancouver based mini TV series of Supergirl is underway. There are at least 300 to 400 strong people to create the setting placing all those broken structures. Not to mention all the bystanders watching the drama unfolds.

Those building blocks ain’t massive at all. They are made of foams. But they look good in the movies though appearing to be real and dangerous.

Hi There!

These actors are really friendly. Don’t know their names. One guy managed to wave at me as I took a photo of Supergirl. Maybe I will start watching the show.

11 thoughts on “End of the World … Highly Unlikely

  1. That looks like a fun scene to encounter. My daughter and I once happened upon a filming in New York City where they made it rain over one corner of the block. It was very realistic.

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