Reaping the rewards


“Blessed are they that have not seen, and have believed” – John 20:29

It is with his scientific mind that he has proven black holes, gravity, and wrote the book a Brief History of Time, Steven Hawkings absolute cannot reason that the universe will exist without God.  Is he a fideist?

It does not matter.

What matters to me is while Hawkings living with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or Lou Gehrig’s disease), he was of service to the world.  He never stopped learning.

Comparatively, Sue Rodriguez has the same condition as Hawkings.  She cannot live with it and went all the way to supreme court to fight for the right to end her life, assisted suicide.   Sue Rodriguez vs. British Columbia was a sensational event.  The court dismissed her case.  However, she did end her life with the help of a friend and Swiss doctor.

Who owns our life?

Allow me to introduce you to Alan A. Malizia: Contagious Optimism! Co-Author that I dialogue with.  Alan lives life with polio.  This is his reflection on Heaven can’t wait for Hawkings post.

Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen says, in my paraphrase, “I can not enjoy a Super Bowl game and World Series in the same moment, nor the winter sport of the Alps and the lipid waters of the Riviera in the now. For time makes it impossible to combine pleasures. What if it were possible to combine pleasures such as these and more.” Only in timelessness can such be accomplished.

God is just that, timeless. He is outside the restrictions of our present existence. Because He made the Universe does not mean that He resides therein. The combined pleasure of three things most desired by humanity can be had in the now, where time is no longer binding. Those things are life, truth, and love. And in timelessness, all pleasures associated with each can be had in the now. Perfect Life is found in God, perfect Truth is found in the Son, perfect Love is found in the Holy Spirit. And are all One Trinity in the now. It is possible in the timelessness of eternity called Heaven.

The theories Mr. Hawkings promoted were ingenious yet formulated in an environment bound in time. If something could come from nothing through gravity, one needs ask: What of gravity? It is a power, and as all power, it is a force. And a force must have a source from which it emanates; as warmth and light originating from the sun. This Source is not from within but from without.

Steven Hawkings once said that he sought to know the mind of God. He is now free not only of his physical limitation to live but also of his limitation to comprehend truth and limitation to love completely. Human existence would be absurd without justice. Steven was not meant to be disabled by ALS as he was. It was an accident of life born of a flawed world. His suffering was of more value than any calculation he ever made. Through that suffering, not his occupation is the man Hawkings justified. And if he bore that suffering well, he now has reaped the reward that is promised us all.

We will all come to realize that what we thought so important in this world pales to the extreme, which cannot be imagined, in comparison to what has been prepared for our coming.


8 thoughts on “Reaping the rewards

  1. We prayed with a woman who had ALS and comforted her husband after she died. Still neither he nor she ever thought about suicide. It pains me to see people taking their lives, though in our state it is now legal.

    • There is so much solace in prayers, Elizabeth. My friend whose body function deteriorated except her brain having a disease that I cannot even pronounce (not ALS) wanted me to accompany her to a mercy killing journey. Her daughter prepared all the documentation. I refused to join. In the end. the family opted for palliative care. I sat with her for days and nights. Gave her the Rosary from Holy Land. When the New Year arrived, I wished her Happy New Year and apologized how sorry I am that her body and soul is still on earth. I left and the following day she died with her children all present including the one from Australia. For most of the time, she seemed peaceful waiting for Sister Death to come.

      • I think you were very brave to decline. You showed true compassion by not abandoning her. What a great witness to life until the end.

  2. A friend of mine, or shall I call him a mentor, was diagnosed with ALS. He knew he had a problem when he could no longer do his 250 push ups without his arms giving out. He learned to live with the deterioration of his body daily. However, when he started having trouble swallowing, he quit eating. Hospice, who did not know him, told him it would take him a week to 10 days to starve to death. It took him over a month to die once he quit eating. ALS is a horrible disease.

    • It is, Sarah, a horrible situation. I am sorry about your friend. Thank you for sharing. I hate seeing the deterioration of a body. I can say the same with my best friend, she died at hospice as well.

  3. Perpetua, I am honored that you chose to use my reflection on such an important topic; opposition to the culture of death. If we can only understand that when we join our suffering to the cross of Christ we can turn souls from sin and an avoid for them an eternity devoid of God’s loving presence. The cross is not as perceived an instrument of torture and death, because Christ has made it a saving instrument of forgiveness and healing. That is why he beckons us to take up our cross, follow Him and join our suffering with His. For in saving others we save ourselves. One day we may be in heaven ourselves because of those we meet there for whom we have offered up our endured suffering.

    • Hi Alan, I really will not be able to fully understand the Way of the Cross even though I pray, meditate and have walked the Via Dolorosa. The Cross is heavy and four of us carried it. Suffering is a given and a way of life. Forgiveness, still working on it. You spoke of the Holy Spirit. Allow me to quote: St. Thomas Aquinas often wrote, “If something is true, no matter who said it, it is always from the Holy Spirit.” Perpetua

      • Amen.
        The trials that make the weight of our crosses are unique to each of us. We bear no one else’s. Christ bore that of all humanity: past. present and to come. Even while on the cross He heard the confession of the man hanging next to Him, and forgave him his sins. That man was the first to receive absolution for he would be with Christ in heaven that day. Forgiving is not a difficult thing to do when we remember that it is a requisite for our own forgiveness.

Please share your reflection. Thank you.

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