Full Stop. Two Spaces.

In a sentence after a full stop (period), I used to use two spaces in between to start a new sentence in the same paragraph.  That’s what I learned when I took a typing course.  As a legal secretary, typing long documents, in triplicate, using carbon paper with 100 percent accuracy, the double space on a full stop made the documents easier to understand and better for reading purposes.  No longer doing this profession, somewhere along the line, I’ve lost the skill.  From reading other writers, I noticed that they only use a single space after a full stop.  And I picked up the habit.

To honor the death of  Roy Hobbs, the last human to use two spaces after a complete stop, I will follow his practice.  These spaces make a better emphasis at the end of a sentence.

Just like Roy, from here on forward, I will take this style seriously to my grave.  Till death do us part.


8 thoughts on “Full Stop. Two Spaces.

  1. I’m old enough to remember typing classes. Also old enough to have taken a computer course on the old DOS system. Black screen. Typing out codes. Make one mistake and all is screwed up. Those early computers had wee, tiny memories. Every extra space typed used up precious memory. We were taught to use a single space to save memory. Perhaps this is where it began???

    Thanks for the memories, Perpetua!

  2. When I was working there was a big discussion on this as we were streamlining procedures. Within the last decade or two, the two space practice was stopped. I can’t remember exactly why but it had to do with the internet. You are right about making the reading easier so you should continue the old tradition!

    • From manual typewriter to computer, there is an auto correct that I think computerized system automatically eliminate the extra space. The thing is how can I configure my computer system to accept it. I will make a conscious effort.

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