Heaven can’t wait for Hawkings

Stephen Hawking

“The Grand Design,” Britain’s most famous scientist says that given the existence of gravity, “the universe can and will create itself from nothing,”

Hawkings argued that God did not create the Universe.

It does not really matter. In my mind, heaven cannot wait for him. Seventy-Six is a long time that God gave him and there is plenty of room for him in heaven, I can imagine that he will have a grand time conversing with Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein, both had faith and believer in God.

“Science provides us with a wonderful narrative as to how [existence] may happen, but theology addresses the meaning of the narrative,” said Alexander, director of The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion.

What a remarkable brilliant mind. You will be missed.



15 thoughts on “Heaven can’t wait for Hawkings

  1. Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen says, in my paraphrase, “I can not enjoy a Super Bowl game and World Series in the same moment, nor the winter sport of the Alps and the lipid waters of the Riviera in the now. For time makes it impossible to combine pleasures. What if it were possible to combine pleasures such as these and more.” Only in timelessness can such be accomplished.

    God is just that, timeless. He is outside the restrictions of our present existence. Because He made the Universe does not mean that He resides therein. The combined pleasure of three things most desired by humanity can be had in the now, where time is no longer binding. Those things are life, truth and love. And in timelessness all pleasures associated with each can be had in the now. Perfect Life is found in God, perfect Truth is found in the Son, perfect Love is found in the Holy Spirit. And are all One Trinity in the now. It is possible in the timelessness of eternity called Heaven.

    The theories Mr. Hawkings promoted were ingenious yet formulated in an environment bound in time. If something could come from nothing through gravity, one needs ask: What of gravity? It is a power, and as all power, it is a force. And a force must have a source from which it emanates; as warmth and light originate from the sun. This Source is not from within but from without.

    Steven Hawkings once said that he sought to know the mind of God. He is now free not only of his physical limitation to live but also of his limitation to comprehend truth and limitation to love completely. Human existence would be absurd without justice. Steven was not meant to be disabled by ALS as he was. It was an accident of life born of a flawed world. His suffering was of more value than any calculation he ever made. Through that suffering not his occupation is the man Hawkings justified. And if he bore that suffering well he now as reaped the reward that is promised us all.

    We will all come to realize that what we thought so important in this world pales to the extreme, which cannot be imagined, in comparison to what has been prepared for our coming.


  2. Well, Hawkings was always a bright fellow, but I thought he was heralded mostly because he found something to do while sitting in that wheel chair rather than making himself and everyone around him miserable. Why would there be gravity if nothing else existed? Seems to me that some peoples distaste for god is so extreme that they are willing to utter absolute nonsense in order to maintain consistency. All the same, I’m sure god loved him.

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