Approaching Good Choices


Decision making is challenging because sometimes we have no idea the impact of what we have decided. Just thinking about what to choose to wear is a grueling daily event. Some outfit brings happiness, others blah. What made us buy this outfit if it doesn’t make us feel good? This is an elementary level of making decisions.

On a broader ground, we have to distinguish our thoughts first between consolation and desolation before acting upon it. We know very well that unpleasant thoughts bring us misery. Therefore, we refrain from doing it, but we do it anyway.  On consolation, we examine our motives and desires. There are ways to achieving a right decision that we actually choose freely.

Our Lady of Mercy Parish in Burnaby, BC has an upcoming event praying the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola in daily life.

This retreat focuses on facilitating one’s actual experience of God – and a practicum of discernment involving finding the Lord in the most profound areas of one’s soul. Utilizing praying through one’s own life and the life of Christ, one experiences God’s presence, healing, and call to salvation and vocation, including any major life decisions.

For information or registration
Phone: (778) 806-4378
Extended application deadline: March 15, 2018
Registration fee: $100 (bursaries available)

3 thoughts on “Approaching Good Choices

  1. My spiritual director of 12 years uses the spiritual exercises as her foundation. The idea of consolation and desolation along with the emphasis on discernment has helped me immensely. Thanks for sending me the link to your sister’s group.

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