Painted Prayers

The primary emphasis in this work is based on evolution distinctively a combination of three persons, one God: God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. He is drawn and inspired by The Trinity. The Prayer of St. Augustine is appropriate when he wrote it inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Where does an artist find hope in this world? Faith is where most artists draw their inspiration. This painting makes a difference to all various religion depending what the viewer is called to see.

This is a different and unusual kind of art in comparison to van Gogh. When it comes to art, it’s all unique. We naturally fall in love with art since it is the religion of the modern world. Let’s take for example the painting of Cy Twombly. It’s mostly squiggles similar to a child learning how to draw. Yet, it fetched millions of dollars at Sotheby’s. One of his paintings created an anecdote whereby a French woman was overcome with passion looking at the canvass, kissed it, and left her red lipstick marking on the while canvass. The act was dubbed French Kiss.

So go ahead, meditate on this painted words, painted prayers. If you suddenly have an urge to kiss it with your voluptuous lips, it is by the work of the Holy Spirit.

You should go to church every Sunday if you have the time; even if the preaching is not good, it is better to go; you will not regret it.  Vincent van Gogh to Theo 13 August 1875

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