Overcoming Social Media: Dear Future Generation

The Sadhu and The Monkey

This is the original photo I posted titled “Extra Ordinary Bond” in July 2014 photographed by Sirish BC for National Geographic assignment “The Animals that We Love”. It’s a familial bond similar to a man and his dog where the dog is on a leash in order not to lose the beloved pet.

I curated Sirish’s photo with his permission; however, it created a backlash on social media here in WordPress and National Geographic. It was shocking to read inappropriate comments and more surprising that it would happen in respectable environments,  He deleted his post; I removed mine and replaced it with “In the spirit of peace and harmony.”

Viewers see what they want to look at and focus on minute detail. A short chain visible at the feet of the Sadhu that ballooned in people’s imagination that turned ugly.

NatGeo YourShot has a new assignment: Dear Future Generations. Sirish resubmitted his shot with a brief description giving it a whole new meaning.

What makes this photo great? This time, photographers rated this shot high on composition, lighting, creativity, and story.

A Hindu Sadhu (ascetic monk) taking a nap with his pet monkey on the street of Varanasi, India. For some it’s beauty, for some it’s cruelty. I am not sure whether it’s beauty or cruelty but after observing them for so many times/ days, I found their bond genuinely touching and simply out of the world. I have never seen in my life such kind of close relationship between a man and an animal.

The original post is thriving somewhere in social media.

13 thoughts on “Overcoming Social Media: Dear Future Generation

    • Siri is. I’ve been on a pilgrimage to India designation Goa and went to many places except Varanasi. India is a country that is out of this world and a must to visit. Lucky you to have been born in a sacred place. 🙏

  1. Wow !!! Thank you so very much, Perpetua for having a good heart…I really appreciate from the bottom of my heart…It really means a lot to me…I really have a big respect for you…Thanks much for this amazing story…God bless us !!! Best regards, Sirish from Kathmandu, Nepal.

  2. A very interesting and thoughtful post Perpetua. I wouldn’t never find it cruel, rather sweet the bond they share. But I do also find it very sad. thanks for making me think about it.

  3. There are so many elements to the photo comprising great composition – the leading lines telling a story expressing comfort, restfulness – leaving the viewer in wonderment of what the man and monkey’s true story may be; I didn’t see your first post (sorry) but enjoyed reading your re-post.

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