David Worswick Ethos

Human Frailty photo by David Worswick

I can’t take it with me.

“Sometimes we miss what is really important in life, then in the blink of an eye the dreams we held in the palm of our hands blew away on a cold wind of empty promise. Instead, life came and went, but there is always hope, and it is never too late to change … I`m pretty sure nobody ever said on their deathbed “I should have worked harder” The transition from life to death is natural as long as we have made the right choices and that includes saving our planet for the future generations – David Worswick”

On February 22, 2015, I initially asked David if I could use his photo to share the sentiment of his hope and aspiration in life on social media. He was kind enough to allow me and share the ethos of his work.

That was the year I took hiatus from pilgrimage and started thinking how much do I need in life to remain comfortable in preparation for retirement. Would I want to compete at work, higher position and make more money? In making more money, would I lose my soul, sell it to the devil and become a slave? All I need to work for is the best five years of income to have a good pension plan. Would these years be the best years of my life?

If I did, it would have ruined me mentally, physically and spiritually. – Courage

3 thoughts on “Ethos

  1. Your year in reflection indicated a financial component, not just mental, physical and spiritual, are you comfortable in preparation for retirement by choosing your hiatus?

Please share your reflection. Thank you.

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