Just another day or Is it?


Love was definitely in the air yesterday. There was the look of love in people’s eyes. Men carrying a bouquet of flowers. Cars are running in slow motion giving pedestrians a chance to cross the street.  I can’t believe that they are actually yielding to us. In turn, I gave them the peace sign instead of giving them the bird.

Valentine’s Day is now over. Yesterday’s red roses are dead. Some are feeling the effect of sugar crash from eating chocolates. I have none of these, but I still feel giddy about meeting people on the road and striking a conversation.

I meet a man on the street who lives two blocks away from me at The Poppy, a residential home for older folks. Still walking with the aid of a walker. I tell you, those walkers are the most significant invention for elderly as a means of their independence just to get around. He is so proud to say that he is 99 years old and can’t wait to reach his centennial year. He has two children. One of them came to visit him to celebrate her 73rd birthday. He proceeded to tell me that his wife died five years ago and they were married for 77 years. He’s happy having his children, grand, and great-great-grandchildren. He doesn’t appear to be that ancient. He seems to be in his 70’s.

We parted and wished me Happy St. Valentine’s Day.

It must be love that keeps him going.

To a disciple who was forever complaining about others the master said, “If  it is peace you want, seek to change yourself, not other people.  It is easier to protect your feet with slippers than to carpet the whole of the earth.”  ~ Anthony de Mello, SJ

MORSEL:    The paradox of control is simple. The more we try to control life, the less control we have.  ~ Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.


Photo via TWIST – Picasso, Merton, and Pathways to Peace.


10 thoughts on “Just another day or Is it?

  1. Howdy Pilgrim… (to quote John Wayne… yuck). Your Perpetua, If I recall, your Perpetua ifrom the Vancouver area – correct?it? This is a beautiful reflection – I especially love how the old person is so animated and full of life and love. I’m honoured for you to use my photo of the Peace Crane statue iand also link to my blogpost “Twist”.

    It’s quite a coincidence that only yesterday my wife Francis used that same photo on a reflection on her blog about Lent. You likely will appreciate it and I’ll include the link here

    Peace to you, Seeker.

    • Howdy, Bruce. Seeker, Pilgrim, Perpetua, your’s truly. It took me awhile to make use of a great photo with a story and synchronicity. God works in mysterious way. It was an honor to ask and be allowed to use one of your photos. Pax Tecum. Perpetua

  2. What a beautiful graphic you have here. I also love how you connect with people…flipping the peace sign, loving that sweet elder! I talk to a lot of widows in my work serving Veterans. 77 years is the longest marriage I have ever heard. So beautiful!

  3. What a wonderful Valentine’s post. I really enjoyed it. We do’t have that holiday here in Israel, but nowadays with the internet and all, people hear about it from other parts of the world. As I was taking a nice long walk in the city, I saw three young men carrying flowers, one of them, a whole bouquet. I was sure this was connected to Valentine’s day, and it made me smile. Romance is very sweet.

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