Riding the line: Not today and not this week!

There will be no Murphy’s Law this week.
It’s done. It’s over.
No commute, No hustling with riders. No morning breath.
I booked the week off to decompress.

I can shift my focus from the dead weights outside to domestic dead masses indoors.

On this side, Lucy the Monster.

dead weights Lucy

Lucy, more massive than the dumbbells combined.

Lucy is happy that I will be at her beck and call all week. Using her dead weight, she learned to wrestle me on the couch, put her massive pressure on me, snug my chest that it’s hard for me to breathe. With her nagging meow right on my face telling me time to get up and feed me, I have no recourse but to give in to her cat-titude. She is a monster.

The next contender, Adi the Sandbag.

dead weights Adi

Adi is a rag doll, lighter than Lucy

In a wrestling match, a Sandbag is to sabotage a throw by letting one’s body go limp instead of cooperating, which makes the throw much harder, if not impossible, to execute. This move is typically made deliberately to make the attacker appear weak or unskilled, but can also be the result of a botch. Sandbagging can be dangerous, as many moves require specific actions by the target to lower the risk of injury – Wikipedia.

I am in for an exciting week.

Speaking of an interesting week …
I just found out that Valentine’s day falls on Ash Wednesday.
Does this mean I can’t have chocolate?
And Easter Sunday falls on April Fools day.
Does this mean easter eggs will come as ‘balut‘?

(curious what balut is, check it out)

This is a weird season.

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