Sophie’s Choice

Making a choice in cutting off ties in any situation is difficult when it’s a no-win situation, an unbearable option that one is forced to choose. Even thinking that it is the lesser of two evils, it can still remain evil in view of Lord’s Prayer.

Being raised as a Catholic is a challenge in discerning the parable ‘my yoke is light’. Light or not, I still feel the burden. And another saying  ‘when someone strikes your face, offer the other cheek’. Absolutely not!

People are people. Some don’t learn from mistakes. My biggest mistake is giving them the benefit of the doubt, a second chance and third and…

The disconnect must disconnect. Even disconnecting with a long-term friendship, a fellow Catholic, with a way of responding:

My only connection to you will be through God of when I pray for your health and good will.

In the heat of the moment, I retorted with a quote adding Life is a prayer that only love can fulfill. 

People are here to be loved, things are here to be used
The tragedy of life is that
We often use people and love things. – from the book of ‘Thou and I’

I have limitations and boundaries.

In setting boundaries, it was Fr. Richard Mugford that provided me a lesson in life. He was an Anglican priest with full of wisdom that ventured into becoming a Catholic priest. It was him that introduced me to Martin Buber’s book ‘I and Thou.’ Passing the same virtue to family and friends, discussing how hurtful it is to use people to raise themselves up at the cost of others.

This is another ‘Station of My Life – As I see it’  that requires work on forgiveness.

“Revenge is a dish best served cold.” via Forgive: be set free

Note: These are paintings taken during the pilgrimage that has so meaning within a religious environment that I meditate in finding God.

6 thoughts on “Sophie’s Choice

  1. >> My biggest mistake is giving them the benefit of the doubt, second chance and third and ….
    I do that, too, but I call it a virtue instead of a mistake 😉 I know if I do it the other way, I would be more miserable. But, yes, I have limitations and boundaries, too.
    Take care, Perpetua.

    • Helen, Thank you for your reflection. I’ve never even considered that this is a virtue. Now, that’s what I call a comment. Gosh, I feel an expansion in my heart. Bless your heart. Perpetua

      • Perpetua, I should say that I used to think it was a mistake. Back then, I was focusing on the hurt I felt. I thought I was stupid to let myself get hurt again and again. I tried to change, but I didn’t like the person I had become and I felt worse. It took me a long time to figure out that if I give someone a second chance or third, and the person ends up wasting them, it is his/her problem, not mine. 😉
        And I am happy to tell you that since I made up my mind that I like the way I am, I don’t get hurt easily like I used to, even though other people haven’t changed much ;-).
        Have a nice evening.

      • Helen: After ‘listening’ to your reflection, would you believe that I feel much lighter? I did and I still do. There so much to learn beyond the teachings of Catholicism. I am beginning to think the the ‘yoke is light’ when it’s brought out to light and to be open to others . You are right, it wasn’t a mistake. We grow from the experience. And You are right again. It’s their problem.

Please share your reflection. Thank you.

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