Tour Guide Not Needed

Come and visit. This is the easiest place to get lost and still find your way around. It’s a small city with so much to see and do. All you need is wear your walking shoes, pack a lot of energy and don’t make plans for anything else until you have experience the sight, smell, sound, feel, taste and be assimilated as one us. Just act naturally and avoid looking like a tourist. The top must-see, trumpet, please….

No. 1 Canada Place
Inside this tent city, there is a Canadian Trail you can follow and visit the provinces of Canada. But who needs to go inside when the view from the waterfront is breathtaking. From here, one could see the North Shore, Grouse Mountain, Helijets, Sea Bus and plenty of seabirds. Walking away along the water will take you to Olympic Cauldron at Jack Pool Plaza. Along the railings, you can read about the history of Canada. Keep going on the path, and it will connect you to Number 2.

No. 2 Stanley Park
The most beloved urban park that is so huge that you need a horse carriage to explore it. A West Coast rainforest surrounded by water. Walk, run, skate or cycle 9 kilometers of a seawall and enjoy the fantastic view of English Bay. Explore the forest trails under the canopy of old growth trees, marvel the totem poles and meet the local residents: the squirrels, ducks, geese, swans, beavers, raccoons and other surprising creatures. It offers a range of unforgettable experiences for all ages and interests, including the Vancouver Aquarium.  Should you just want to breathe the fresh air, work on your tan, take in the liquid sunshine, watch the sunset; head towards the beach. From the beach, there is a port for an aqua bus that will take you to Number 3.

No. 3 False Creek
Look at that, Science World! I’ll just sit here to rest my feet.

There is an added venue right at the heart of the city that Vancouver turned one of downtown’s often grey and dreary alleyways into a vibrant pink and yellow urban park. Here’s to meshing around.

When you come to Vancouver, a tour guide is not needed. Make sure you get in touch with me and let’s meet for coffee.

10 thoughts on “Tour Guide Not Needed

  1. what a great post about our fair city, Perpetua. which reminds me, i have seen more of Europe in the last few years than i have seen of Stanley Park. urk! thanks for the reminder of the wonderful treasures right in our own back yard.

  2. I’ve never been to Stanley Park, though I’ve heard of its beauty. I have to put in a plug for Regina’s beautiful Wascana Park. It’s truly gorgeous in the summer.

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