I’m retired

I’m tired yesterday
I’m tired again today
Time to retire!

My younger brother that I helped get a job in the company I was working for managed to stay working for them from being a menial job entry position to being a supervisor in 35 years. Then he retired! Easy for him when all of his children are now self-sufficient.

Am I jealous? Of course, I am. Should I have stayed as well, I should be retired by now? What do I know? Hindsight is 20/20.

My colleague for 17 years is taking an early, early, early retirement. She is younger than my brother. Easy for her when still lives at home with her Mom and Dad.

Just as well I’m still working, I have to support Lucy.

3 thoughts on “I’m retired

  1. Well, we are in the same boat and I’m older than you . Still have to support 2 kids to go to university but the main thing is I Love my Job! And I get to get out of my house!
    I value my sanity. Part time work not too bad!
    Hang in there Kiddo!- Poteet

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