Weathering Heights

It’s breathtaking to see from a distance the ice mass in the valley.  Imagine 20,000 years ago this area is covered with a glacier. So beautiful that Norway attracts thousands of tourist visiting Briksdalbreen or Briksdal Glacier.

The landscape is covered with untouched nature of wildflowers, big boulders, cascading waters, rocks, and minerals. To help preserve life, any motorized vehicles are prohibited except for the battery operated troli we rode for 15 minutes instead of hiking for 45 minutes.

With the climate change, the glacier is its own nature laboratory that affects the vegetation and geology. The movement of the glacier means that the park is continuously undergoing changes. As it moves, boulders weathered by the melting water join forces to become waterfall cascading down the steep mountainside to form lakes and rivers.

Was it worth it? Yes, I’m glad to see the glaciers before it disappears.

7 thoughts on “Weathering Heights

  1. Have seen similar erosion of glaciers in Montana, Canada and South America Perpetua. we are lucky to see them as they continue to disappear with climate change. So beautiful and so sad.

    • I’ve seen a frozen tundra in Montana and up north at the tip of BC. I wonder what on earth I was doing there, but glad to witness nature in it”s glory and demise. Thanks, Tina

  2. First of all, I highly rate your pun haha!
    This post is so interesting, glaciers have always fascinated me… and you’re right you are extremely lucky to have been able to see them before they disappear. They’re so gorgeous!

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