I am …

Rio Holmes (3)

Dear Reader, this is a story about the life that once was mine then wasn’t.  The story that taught me that life cannot be changed for the better sometimes.  So you have to cherish the fact that you get to be happy and sorrowful, the fact that you’re alive and get to live in a world full of magical miracles that teach you to try because if you try you are capable of anything.

I am from the heart that made me who I am today.  And my twilight dreamy days where everything is perfect.  My despicably horrible days where smiling is not an option and all life is grey and miserable.

I am from the waves that crash down on me like regrets.  The messy paintbrushes and tangled thoughts and the needles that poked into me like sayings.

I am from the stars path glistening in the light that led me to all of my successes.

I am from the mistakes I made that showed me how to be human.  The good and the not so good.

I am from the paint used to splatter out my feelings.  And the strong body that is mine and enables me to do anything if I put my mind to it.

I am from my Albert Einstein brain and the creative hands that I own and will shape the World.  And the music we’d play with our air guitars and our never ending dances.

I am from my cheerful soul and bubbly personality.  And my fearless brave courageous fierce wild eyes that give you the stare you better not mess with me.

I am from the strong smell of essential oils wafting out of the bottle.  The naked bodies sailing across the lawn.

I am from the Racoon Tree that always has the little fuzzy faces sticking out of it behind the purple wisteria flowers and vines.

I am from the grey wood on the dock and the log under the clear pure water.  And the acorn door and the smell in the garage like gasoline.

I am from the old cedar floors and wondrous blue curtains that lead to the closet of mischievous cat food.  And the little old room that is my own with the beautiful carpet and cedar walls.  The wool  horse that I’d ride into my dreams and the lacy white bedding with the rainbows and flowers on my door.

I am from the bathroom dragon guarding day and night.  And the green and yellow kitchen with the burning hot water.

I am from the wooden shower and the curved in bath.  The honeysuckle and the big curvy fig tree.

I am from the pink roses and the soft petals that swiftly fell on me every time I swung on the swing.  And the flower path and vegetable garden.

I am from the brown rich soil that tasted like the times I spent in the garden with Mumma on my duck blanket sucking on her sunglasses and crawling around the big world that is not so big now but was so big to me then.  And the ivy that curled around the house like a leafy blanket.

I am from the lake that glistened with the moon reflection and the trees on the other side begging us to give the company.

I am from the Cortes Coop with the icy cold popsicles to cool my sizzling skin.  The forest we’d run through with bare feet and all.  Lily’s big plum tree and the scuttling chicks, the lilacs, and the bay with the shining phosphorescence.

I am from the algae we’d throw at each other on nature walks and the cracked robin’s eggs bright baby blue.  The slugs I’d save by picking them up with leaves and grass.

I am from the bright buttercup valley we’d pass through the big forest we’d forage through and then finally John and Bryan would buy the sweet candied salmon we’d suck on and chew.

I am from the blackberries and blueberries clustered waiting to be picked and peeled, canned and thrashed around then the smell would waft into my nose and that’s when it got good.  The fairy homes I’d save from winter’s frost and Bonny doggishly happy as always, then the scrumptious sweet strawberries and strong smelling lavender.

I am from the scattered pillows comfortably cozying my back with my special brown mug appearing from nowhere with honeybush tea and milk perfectly temporized with biscuits.  The special sleepover dinner: steamy broccoli and carrots with mashed potatoes lathering brown gravy and the toasty chicken with cheesy popcorn and a movie then time for bed bear and monkey would protect me from fearful dreams I’d allow my eyes to close because I knew I was safe.

I am from my favourite book.  The Moon that David used to read to me with Bonny on my lap making it so much more fuzzy and relaxational.

I am from my sister who I love and would save at any cost.  My mom who I cherish with the deepest amount of love that goes so far out of the universe that the earth is only a single molecule.  My Dad who does anything to make me happy even though just looking at him makes me happy.  And the three boys who are so deeply in my heart will never leave my side:  John and Bryan who are the sunshine and rainbows of my day and who volunteered to be a part of my life the moment they looked into my big brown eyes and were willing to fight for me every step of the way and my little man Bunny who makes me cheer up when skies are grey and there’s almost no hope left in the world.  He’s the beginning, the middle and end to my miracles and everything sparkles when he’s around but the sorrow I have when I’m not there for him is so deep even if he’s not physically there I can always feel the guidance that brings me to my successes and everything that happens to me because he was there.

So, now, now, you really do know where I am from … everything !!!

Note:  Artwork and creative writing by Rio Holmes, 
elementary student in Vancouver.

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