So, Here I am, Lighting a Candle.


Lighting a candle in prayer living it behind to stay alight, kindling in the hearts and minds of others the prayers I have already offered for the people present here, for our loved ones at home, for saints and sinners, for all leaders with morals and corruptions, for all clergy and ordinary people, for everyone on this Earth.  For joy and sorrows, for sickness and health, for war and peace. And especially a prayer of thanksgivings with gratitude.

Lighting a candle is a parable that may this light gives light to others. For it is in giving that we receive.

Lighting a candle is a symbol of love, of hope, of faith, of grace, of warmth, of guidance.

The light that shines from within you will illuminate that we may never remain in darkness.

Today is the Feast of Epiphany celebrating God’s light revealed to all nations.  We have seen and received the light, the light that shone on the Magi, the light we are asks to spread. The light of faith that is fragile but can set the world ablaze.

“Share the light of God’s love, God’s blessing for it does not diminish, it grows in strength as it is shared. Keep it burning brightly!”

Blessings, Perpetua

Update: As a reminder to myself. A good read from Washington Post:

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis on Saturday advised against making the pursuit of money, a career or success the basis for one’s whole life, urging in his Epiphany remarks to also resist “inclinations toward arrogance, the thirst for power and for riches.”

During a homily at Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica, Francis said people “often make do” with having “health, a little money and a bit of entertainment.” He urged people to help the poor and others in need of assistance, giving freely without expecting anything in return.  Pope Francis on Epiphany

2 thoughts on “So, Here I am, Lighting a Candle.

  1. I loved seeing those lighted candles on the table. It is an inspiring picture… each candle reminds us of the soul of a loved one. Wishing you a very good year, with health and happiness, and the warmth of great friendship.

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