Lookout OutLook

When the installation of first e-mail system at work, Outlook, excitement erupted. In a way, this would make my work so much easier sending out reminder notices. I used to send out voice messages and I receive funny responses. Employees just love that dulcet voice. Outlook did make my life easier by sending out mass reminder email using group distribution list.

However, the email system comes with this pinging sound that I find irritating. So I turned off the system and notified my boss that I will be checking emails every hour only. If she needs me, she can just poke her head out of her door and call me. My desk is just outside her office, a few steps away.

I ended up in a naughty chair. Boss rules. Tune up or turf out.

Thinking of a way how to make this new and improved technology work for me in a funny way, I started sending out weekly newsletter. That was fun. Again, the boss did not like me having so much fun. Boss wants it to go overnight instead of during working hours. No problem. I scheduled the newsletter for midnight so that when workers come in first thing in the morning, they have their first entertainment.

Again, the boss do not like happy workers. IT created a system folder for anyone who wants to send mass mail out irrelevant to work similar to classified ads,

Now you know why I focus more on God.

4 thoughts on “Lookout OutLook

  1. Hmmm, I seem to remember working with the Australian version of your boss last century – creating a happy work environment (in a very NOT happy environment) was NOT acceptable!

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