AHA Moment

Where did the word adventurous come from? I woke up this morning with this thought. It is such an exciting word.  What brought this word into my thoughts? Do I dare to psychoanalyze myself first thing in the morning? Egad! I am not ready to face a new and unknown thought. So I pick up my beside book that helps me reflect further,  Memories, Dreams, Reflections by Carl Gustav Jung, I opened the book and my eyes fell on this passage:

To me it seemed that one’s duty is to explore daily the will of God. I did not do that, but I felt sure that I would do it as soon as an urgent reason for doing so presented itself.

It’s so simple: duty – daily. I really do not have to go further knowing what the will of God.  There are so many ways to be similar to the time I created this Mandala not knowing how it would turn out. Daily, I see this hanging on my wall.  The very obvious meaningful photo is the centre of my Mandala is God. Pasting all the baby pictures on the margin, there are 13 babies. I did not know that when I was doing it. There are 13 children in my family. There are days that I don’t find meaning.

C.G. Jung. Here is man who is filled with adventure. A scientific man who risks his profession by putting God in the equation with all of his works.

And I realized today is the first day of advent. A time to return to the greatest adventure ever happened, told over and over, leading up to a birth of Jesus Christ.

Adventurous, did this word originate from advent?

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