Terrific Thursday

Children are eager to learn and they are fast understudy. They can’t wait to go to preschool because it’s all about drawing, singing and playing; not necessary in this order. Soon after that, kindergarten. A higher form of playing and drawing and singing. They can actually write the alphabets, figures start to form and their voices are changing. Next is elementary.

Elementary is where they learn the rudiments of reading and writing. Vocabulary expands. Next thing they know, there are assignments and test. Playtime is cut short. Study-study-study.

Study Monday. Study, Tuesday, Study Wednesday, Study Thursday, Study Friday.

From adults, they learn TGIF. Thank goodness it’s Friday! From David Kanigan, they live and learn hump day or Guess.What.Day.It.Is? Except for one child.

This child wrote me a short poem of his rendition of what the days of the week is like for him. Lets start with Thursday:

Terrific Thursday
Freedom Friday
Super Saturday
Sucky Sunday
Miserable Monday
Weird Wednesday

Here’s hoping that one day the child will find humor on academic rigor of studying for the next 15 years of his life and then some.

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