Unlikely Friendship. Forgiveness. Miracle.

Eventually, Ms. Van Sluytman decided it was time to look into his eyes.

“We shared really wonderful e-mails. His words helped to heal me, but I finally said, ‘I have to meet you, I need to see your eyes,'” she recounted. “It just seemed normal to want to find out who he was, why they did that robbery. I had a million questions. I wanted to know my father’s last words, how he felt, how his family felt, and share what it was like for me.”

Outside Westminster Abbey, a Benedictine monastery on the outskirts of Mission, B.C., stood a nervous Mr. Flett, anxiously waiting for her arrival.

“It was really beautiful, deeply emotional. There was a sense of relief like I was decompressing in a sense. After we hugged, we both cried,” Ms. Van Sluytman said about the moment she saw her father’s killer. “I just said to him, ‘You must be John Glendon Flett. Well, I’m Margot Van Sluytman.’ We hugged and sobbed and he said, ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.'”

“She has a good reason to hate me and she doesn’t and that really does inspire me to keep doing what I do. We’ve turned a tragedy into triumph. I can’t tell you how moving that is to me. It’s a gift.”

Ms. Van Sluytman calls their unlikely friendship, and the forgiveness in her heart, a miracle.

Read the full story offering hope to other people.

6 thoughts on “Unlikely Friendship. Forgiveness. Miracle.

  1. I can understand the circumstances by which one may find it almost impossible to forgive. Yet, in the end the one who must suffers is the one who refuses to forgive.
    Christ tells us: One who seeks my mercy will receive in like measure that mercy one gives to his/her neighbor.

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