The Ruins

These artifacts are priceless.

…we live in a time of real urgency, when we have to mine the insights of the past.”

The symmetry of first having your desire, your passion, your commitment tested as you cross into the “world of amplified being” is perfectly balanced by your resolve being tested also, now by external forces, as you re-enter the “ordinary” with extraordinary insights. It feels particularly pertinent to me and for my generation the urgency of gaining access to the resourcefulness of mind one has acquired by the time one enters the third age. We need to mine (what an extraordinary word), we need to mine the insights of the past and we need to mine the insights of our past.

(comment by David Solomon in Composing a Life conversation with Mary Catherine Bateson with Krista Tippett)

3 thoughts on “The Ruins

    • Hi Mr. D’Ag. I must admit, in my formative education, history is my favourite subject. It’s in my nature to be curious what brought us in the here and now. Thank you, teach.

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