Generation to the 5th degree

We have kinsman in our family whose name cannot be named. This is how I would like to start the story of our generation. Or better yet: Why have I found favour in your sight that you should take notice of me, I am just lowly servant? 

But then again, these are just thoughts. I don’t think I would be able to write fully a story of the family I belong to.

MMy sister asked me instead to create a family tree. The way my mind works, it starts from the bottom or ground up. None of those lines that branch out to many directions. This is a big project to show how big my family is. Of course, I have to explain the reason behind this.


Photos below are the people who are long dead like my mother and her two husbands. Next to it are the people older and no children like me. Younger person is situated on the higher branch, the future generation that we are hoping will bear more fruit. There is no pecking order, none of that.

So he took her and became his wife. She conceived and bore a son. The women said: blessed be who has not left you without next-of-kin: his name be renowned […] restorer of life and nourisher of your old age.

With my immediate family, it is really important that we have to tell the younger generations where they came from. Even the ones that were born out-of-wedlock, we embrace them. Know your kin, we say. We don’t want any ‘blue blood’, heaven forbid. Know your DNA and medical history, this is important.

So far, I came up to 5th generation starting from my Lola and Lolo, parents of my mother’s side.

This whole exercise made me understand finally who Ruth is from reading Ruth 4:13-17.

Be well. Be Blessed.

3 thoughts on “Generation to the 5th degree

  1. recently my Hungarian side (& the original town) did a family tree, it went back to 1722 and a person I met online turned out to be related to me ❤ Amazing finding all these relations!! Great fun P!

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