In this corner, the winner is ….

It’s not a festival if there is no music and dancing during the Vancouver Mural Festival 2017. More than eight blocks closed to the traffic to accommodate all the fun and festivities. What I enjoyed the most was the dance performance of B Boys and Ballerinas to the tune of rap music. Their dance turned into competition.


Between leaps and bounce, head stand and twirling; both were good. It’s hard to choose which one is the best dancer.

I was swept away by the energy these dancers exude not to mention the audience. Everyone wanted to dance with them especially the man in long shirt. He seems to be a real winner amongst the audience. He did attract a lot of attention.
At the corner of my eye, I saw another person who was enjoying every movement in the festival behind the ballerinas.  As far as I am concerned, he is the winner. Can you guess which one?

I left great admiration for the man on wheels enjoying the dance movements.

7 thoughts on “In this corner, the winner is ….

  1. This does look like quite the performance and show. Not sure if I can see who you are pointing out (I’m bad at guessing games!) But everyone looks like they are having a good time, so each of them is a winner in their own right 🙂

    • Yes, you are right. Everyone and I just updated the shot to focus the man at the corner on the wheel chair. He was clapping with ‘hands’ and thoroughly enjoying everything that part of him doesn’t have. I think he is very whole. Thank you, Mabel.

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