Dogs’ Business

At the HUB, corner of Broadway and Victoria, is where I get my connector to go to work. Here I meet all kinds of people carrying with them stories waiting to be told. One only has to stop, talk to them and listen to their stories. It really doesn’t matter that it’s a lie or true, real or fabricated; I find it interesting to feed my curiosity.

This past Friday, I saw a couple that I’ve never seen before with dogs, a mature female and a pup suckling on the swollen breast of the Mama dog. I stopped, petted the dogs and the coupled started sharing their story.

They came from the island of Victoria. Their dog had five litters and they are selling the pups. This particular pup had an offer and the owners are here to deliver the pup to the buyer. Arriving at their destination, the buyer, according to them is a drug addict. Needles are all over place. No way would they sell the pup to the drug addict.

Sounds good to hear, so far. I thought.

But…. this is the big but. Since they decided not to sell the dog, they have no money to go back home to Victoria. (Aha … here’s comes the story)

The lady was telling the story and her partner in the background, constantly interjecting they need money. I could see on the ground there were loose coins. I know most pan handlers use their pets to gain compassion. Most times, I ignore them because at the corner of HUB, most pan handlers need money to feed their addiction.

The lady was quite entertaining telling me stories about the dog while I ignored the man. He was focus on money. She added, the other four pups are still at home. Showing off the pup to me that I can carry it, pet it, give it a hug, etc. I declined but asked if I could take a photo and I will gladly give them money. She said, take a photo; there is no need for you to give me money.

I enjoyed her story so I gave them $5 bucks and I said this is a good corner to raise $28 for the ferry ride. She was thankful.  Whether this money be used for drugs, it’s none of my business.  And I said to her, the money is for the dogs.

Then off to work I go.

This incident reminded me of the story of the the Canaanite Woman in modern times.

Sometimes, in order for me to understand the stories of Gospel readings, I have to translate and identify it with my current life applying it how it would affect me. It just like reading a metaphor.

Be well. Be Blessed.

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