Stealing my thunder

Lucy, my cat, has a shiny personality. She managed to make my sister laugh hysterically. I don’t know what Lucy said to my sister. When she meows, it’s non-stop, gibberish or a mouthful of malarkey.

To prove my point:
I use iPad for most time and I was reading Randall’s response to my comment  from  “A lifetime in Eight Seconds” and wanted to respond back. What happened next, Lucy jumped on my lap right on top of the iPad, managed to press the letters on the ‘keyboard’ and I managed to hit the send button!


Off I sent quickly another comment begging him. R-A-N-D-A-L-L!  My-apologies-please-delete-this-comment! 

Randall did response via e-mail:

Hello Perpetua,
I got a great laugh about this 🙂
I wondered if it was a foreign language, a little kid or most likely a cat playing on the computer 🙂


Lucy did it again. Made someone laugh.

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