Hounding is a dog’s business

Hounding maybe a dogs’ business, so do cats. They will never stop until such time they get what they want. A bark here and a meow there. Incessantly. Finally, we give in because we love them not because we want to get them out of hair.

This thought emerged from a long series of meditation, contemplation and listening to others point of view on a parable I read this week about  a woman asking the Son of David to have mercy on her, to cast out the demons tormenting her daughter.

I can only imagine when a mother experience the agony of a child. Nowadays, we do not believe in angels and demons. The demons are the incurable disease a child has to endure such as cancer. Mothers are the first own to go the extra mile to save her child.

Back to the parable, it’s the same with prayers. Sometimes, I get really tired of praying and enumerate the long list of names asking God to help these people. At one point I shortened my prayer to ‘you know who they are, you can read my mind and heart‘ and left it like that. I became lazy with may prayer.

In this parable, eventually the Son of David, granted her mercy with her incessant asking when she responded accordingly that ‘even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their master’s table.‘ Needless to say, she did not stop and hounded the Son of God. She never stopped praying.

Lesson learned for me: back to basic. I will again say the litany of names in my prayers.

But she keeps on hounding him until finally he hears her case just to get her out of his hair (Luke 18:1-8)

Blessings, Perpetua

7 thoughts on “Hounding is a dog’s business

  1. Beautifully written Perpetua, there is nothing quite as loving as “They will never stop until such time they get what they want.” because as you say, we love them so much ~ an unconditional love between them and us, that it makes us all feel good 🙂

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