Sweat of the Earth

Copenhell is a kind of hell that most people would like to stay. Hot-hot-hot. Heat wave in May. Sweat pouring out of skin. Earth is steaming. Even the air will burn your skin. One just have to cover up for protection from the elements.

Nobody mind the atmosphere. There was just too much fun to cope in hell at the centre of Copenhagen.

If you want to cool off, drink tea or coffee. Ice cream is out of the question. It will heighten your thirst for water. Better yet, escape inside Louis Vuitton where the air conditioning is breathing arctic air.

As much as we want to stay longer in Copenhagen, we must leave.
From the ferry, the windmills are harnessing the power of the wind from the open sea and it will convert the energy to run the powerhouse. A plume comes out from the tower. At close range, I felt the heat emanating from the building.

One thing though that haunts me from this journey is when I was at Copenhell, I needed to escape away from it to find solitude. Amazingly, I found a stone-structured church away from the centre of hell.  Once the door closed behind me, the silence was sublime and peace pervaded my being. As far as I know, I was alone.

In one corner of the church is where one can light up a tea candle arranged on top of sand or around the global cast iron structure. I felt a slight breeze came in when a woman entered and sat at the edge of the bench. The three elements are present: earth, wind and fire. Water is missing. But wait, there is water. It’s coming out from her eyes and rolling down her cheeks.

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