In Twitter, the people that I connect with are interested in finding facts. And rightly so, they are politically inclined. They are very much into this world. It is what it is, so they say and then they improve on it.

In Facebook, the people that I accepted as “friends” are immediate family only. A place to connect with what’s what and who’s who. I ignore most of the post shared in Facebook. From time to time my sister will share something to me via e-mail or instant messaging what she found in Facebook that she thinks worth ‘sharing’ to others.

I don’t mind ‘sharing’ because if it has a good message. Before I can ‘share’ it I want to find where it originated from especially when the message says Pope Francis said it. Really? Send me the link, please. So they did.

Hmmm… the links are not good enough because it came from another site and blog.

Find the facts, my twitter mind took over. Searching google high and low until I connected with Vatican Radio, The voice of the Pope and the Church in dialogue with the World. It revealed nothing what my sister found in Facebook. It was a good exercise for me. But I think it is still worth sharing.


 “There is no perfect family. We have no perfect parents, we are not perfect, do not get married to a perfect person, neither do we have perfect children.

We have complaints about each other. We are disappointed by one another. Therefore, there is no healthy marriage or healthy family without the exercise of forgiveness.

Forgiveness is vital to our emotional health and spiritual survival. Without forgiveness the family becomes a theater of conflict and a bastion of grievances. Without forgiveness the family becomes sick.

Forgiveness is the sterilization of the soul, cleansing the mind and the liberation of the heart.

Anyone who does not forgive has no peace of soul and communion with God. Pain is a poison that intoxicates and kills. Maintaining a wound of the heart is a self-destructive action. It is an autophagy.

He who does not forgive sickens physically, emotionally and spiritually. That is why the family must be a place of life and not of death; an enclave of cure not of disease; a stage of forgiveness and not of guilt.

Forgiveness brings joy where sorrow produced pain; and healing, where pain caused disease.”  source: Rotary Club posted by Janny Onyeabor

It is true. Belonging to a family as big as a small tribe, there is no other way but to forgive.

2 thoughts on “#FactCheck

  1. Forgiveness is mercy. Without it love does not abide. Love is not found in the things that bring a man and woman together in marriage, but in the things that keep them together. When this is true of the head and heart of the family, then the family can withstand any challenge that confronts it. For the family then cannot be seduced by selfishness.

    • Thank you, Alan. A doctor wrote an article Let love be the guiding principle of our daily love. When love is present, Mercy abounds and forgiveness follows. Blessings, P.

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