What’s Next?

The past is seeping into my thoughts. It happened long time ago. Drawn to the memories like a bee attracted to a flower. The bee couldn’t help it.

Who is she?

Only a monk can answer that. She lived with the monks in Alvastra, Sweden for several years in a Cistercian monastery in 1344.

You know what it was like during that period.  No King size bed, no heating system, no indoor washroom, no vacuum cleaner, no washing machine, no television, no cars, no internet, no cellphone, no computer, no wi-fi, Nada. How did she do it? I wonder what made her throw in the towel and who was her advisor? Did she ever have one?

Yes, she did.

The voice she received is more of a revelation to her that stems from having a deep religious life.

Among these revelations were requests from God for Bridget to detach herself from many elements of her former life: fine clothing, her native country, her children, and her timeline for founding her religious order. He had a task for her that would require all her attention. And for this, he told her to move to Rome, where she could have more influence. “Love me with all your heart,” God begged Bridget. “Not as you love your son or daughter or parents, but more than anything in the world.”


It was the best possible world for her. Now, this is the best possible world for me with all the amenities in life.

One thing I am praying and hoping is to experience some kind of a revelation as St. Bridget did in a noisy world that I live in.

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