We are not made of sugar. We are the salt of the earth.

The rain came when we visited the ruins of Cistercian Alvastra Abbey in Östergötland.

We are the salt of the Earth.
We are not made of sugar.
We will not melt.

With high winds and strong rain, we aborted the walk as part of following the footsteps of St. Bridget of Sweden. Instead, we spent more time in this ruin given to her by the ruling king to establish a religious order for women even though she was not a nun. 

I would have wanted to do the walk and meditate about her pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, about her life as a married woman with eight children, about being summoned by the king as a lady-in-waiting, about her travels to Jerusalem, about her successful failures, visions, and dreams.

The rest was details.

Here in the abbey where her visions started and became the Bride of Christ.

The Lord said to Saint Birgitta:”Let other people than yourself drink this wine (i.e. His own words) because it is excellent for your health. It gives health to the sick, comfort to the afflicted and a courageous heart to the healthy.” (St. Birgitta’s Revelations book IV, chapter 77 )

She died on July 23, 1373. Every July 23, we commemorate this day as her feast day,

9 thoughts on “We are not made of sugar. We are the salt of the earth.

  1. When I was a child in parochial school I read the books in the library there. All were lives of the saints. I don’t remember reading about her but I bet it’s a good story. Most of the saints led very interesting lives, dedicated to their faith.

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