High Spirits

We just have to make do with what we have in a given place at a given moment as we travel along as pilgrims celebrating mass. There are times that mass is performed out in an open space and we were not alone practising our faith.

Uppsala, Sweden

A group of Lutheran were praying for their country on top of the hill overlooking Uppsala, Sweden. It was the best spot for taking photos but we must maintain our distance and respect the holy gathering.

Moving on, we found ourselves in a situation aboard a mini cruise liner filled with people in for a good time crossing Sweden to Finland. This ship has no conference room for private prayers. However, our guide found us a place for a sunrise celebration.

Mass in a pub

It was a bar setting. Notice a table that has a couple of empty beer bottles. Mind you, drinking wine as a symbol of the blood of Christ is part of a Catholic mass, therefore, the setting is just perfect.

The beauty of this, one stranger joined us. Not for the wine but to commute and receive the host as a symbol of the body of Christ.

The mass ended in high Spirits.

High Spirits

Fr. Abundo and Fr. Rex after the mass in the pub.


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