Way before I was born.

We acknowledge that we are on sacred land. Everything that is on this land is sacred to us, my family, and my people.  I was born and raised from this beautiful place.

My elders told me to always to be willing to share our gifts. If we don’t share our gifts, the gifts could be taken away from us; therefore, we should be able to share.

I bring my daughter along with me and she travels everywhere I go. It’s nothing new for her to see me covered like this.

First nations

This blanket that I am covered with is just not another regular blanket called swuqw’alh. It represents a time where my people harvest wool to process it, to cart it, to wash it, to spin it and finally to weave it into a blanket.

When you see a blanket folded over the left shoulder and the heart, it means I was hired in a gathering to do something for the event. If it’s wide open, wrap over both shoulders and pinned on the front, that means I will be honoured at the gathering.

The scarf represents the headband I am wearing is called shqitus, is to speak of good mind and a good heart. These words that I am sharing with you are words of my elders. I can’t say that these are my words. They have been said long before I was born.

In this sacred land, we have places all over this area that we harvest our medicines, berries, wild game, and salmon.

Now, I want to share with you a song with my drum to create good feelings and heartbeat of my people to welcome you into our Salish community, Harrison Hot Springs of Beautiful British Columbia together with my daughter.

Leave your presence on this space.

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