Canticle for Earth

When I celebrate Earth day, I think of St. Francis as the person that is truly connected to earth’s creation, a lover of all sentient beings. He is way ahead of his time even before the usage of the word ecology. St. Francis is the patron saint of ecology.

Knowing that St. Francis considers everything is holy on earth makes my heart glow. All that I have in the garden is holy. The ground I stand is holy. Earthworms are holy. Water is holy. Bugs are holy.

Not only that, he calls creatures and elements as brother and sister in his writing The Canticle of the Creatures Brother Sun, Sister Moon and Stars, Brother Wind and Air; except for earth, Mother Earth.

In 2015, Pope Francis wrote Laudato si’, (Praise be to you) with these theme:

– the intimate relationship between the poor and the fragility of the planet,
– the conviction that everything in the world is connected,
– the critique of new paradigms and forms of power derived from technology,
– the call to seek other ways of understanding the economy and progress,
– the value proper to each creature,
– the human meaning of ecology,
– the need for forthright and honest debate,
– the serious responsibility of international and local policy,
– the throwaway culture and the proposal of a new lifestyle

These themes made me become more aware how I want to live in this one precious Earth with my one precious life. In some ways, I am living it in part with no iPhone, no camera, no iPod, no Netflix. For technology, I have an iPad and an old fashion Notebook.

Zero mile diet, if possible; if not, I pay attention how far a vegetable traveled whether it came from China or Cuba.

Following the Footsteps of St. Francis makes my life freer. I suppose feeling the freedom of unencumbered life is good for Mother Earth.

Be praised, my brothers and sisters.

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