The Gift of Prayer

We have just finished our third night of prayer for our dearly beloved, Lorena when her sister’s mother-in-law followed Lorena’s footsteps. Now, we have to remember the mother-in-law in our prayers as well.

Tonight will be the sixth evening that is extra longer than previous nights, a vigil service, where we will stay with Lorena at the funeral parlor and continue our community service of prayer and celebrate her life.

This is a tradition that we practice and it is all a mystery to me. Somehow I find solace commiserating with everyone. This is not a “misery loves company”. It’s a joyous occasion that bridges a relationship with the living.

I saw as in letters of gold this word Goodness, which I repeated for a long while with an indescribable sweetness.” – Saint Therese Couderc

Once Lorena is buried who knows when the opportunity to get together will occur again. Heaven forbid that the saying ‘we only get together when someone is born, married or dead’ is wrong. Soon after this, we will continue with our lives where we left it behind.

The prayer does not stop there. Thank goodness for the Cenacle Sisters, they will continue praying for Lorena especially for her children who are left behind JB, AJ, and Carlos.

Please share your reflection. Thank you.

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