Respectful Woman – a Superhero


I suppose for a child, adult seems to be larger than life and that’s how my nephew, Carlos, drew his mom. Tall, colorful clothing with beautiful red smiling lips. As for the arms, I don’t know why they turned to be short.




It’s the first time tonight I visited Carlos’ home when his family moved only a few houses down the road from my brother. There is no need to visit them since the gathering place is always at my brother. Tonight is a very special night.


Beside the drawing is an essay he wrote “My Mom”. Must be one of his creative writing he did in early stages of his education. He is now thirteen and proud to say come this November he will be fourteen. By then he will join the ranks of secondary education. What is so striking in this essay is the last sentence: “I would even die for her.” What was he thinking when he wrote this?



There were so many people at Carlos’ home tonight. Even his grandmother and grandfather came from California to stay, for a while. We all gather for an evening prayer for the repose soul of Carlos’ mother. She died at 2:35 pm, March 21, 2017, first day of spring at the age of 49.

I asked Carlos how he is. He says his fine. I really don’t think he fully realized just what happened.  For now, as a family, we will continue to pray for his mom, Lorena, for the next nine evening praying that her soul will soon be joining all the angels and saints in heaven as we Catholics do with joyful expectation.

2 thoughts on “Respectful Woman – a Superhero

  1. May the angels sing louder and stronger with your sister by their side – sending you and your family all my love during this difficult time❤️ xx

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