The Calling

It was there calling to serve and now they are both called in the afterlife. First Barb on September 2015, then Brenda on February 2016.

The call becomes important to them not to save the world, solve all problems and help all people. They were servant leaders. Between the two of them, for three decades, they worked tireless to be of service as a mentor, educator, stewards, activist and the VOICE of many on top of their personal life.

I don’t know if they have faith in God but I can see clearly that they were given the strength to live out that call and faithful to do the task no matter how small it was or challenging.

They have sown the seeds and we will follow their footsteps to become servants to others as well.

This is not the end of their story but the beginning of a fruitful legacy they left behind.

Death does not have the last word. And that is indeed the good news.


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