Experimenting with my cat

They said that cats are ‘gods’ and we worship the grounds they walk. It may be true since that Egyptians worshiped and immortalized cats, Fast forward, we have evolved and taught them how to love humans instead. But are cats smart enough to learn about love?

Allow me to prove my point.

I experimented on Lucy, my cat. It started with a shirt “Love is the answer” I used for her settee. With this slogan, I whispered to Lucy’s ears what Love is all about. Using brainwashing and food withholding, I taught her to worship me instead. No more biting, no more hissing, no more paw smacking. Only love, hugs and kisses.

Love is the answer

Against the odds, Lucy understands. She is more intelligent and loving than I thought. She worships me. At the foot of her master, she can’t stop hugging and kissing me. Everyday, this is how I wake up.

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