Sometime the hating has to stop.

For Valentine’s Day, I wanted to watch a movie that would make my heart all warm and fuzzy as I nurse the dreaded flu that I am afflicted with for the past three days. Our library has a wide range of DVD that I can choose from. I picked up a case with a photo of Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth thinking that this just might be a good romantic show since the write-up at the back describes the tale of humanity and the redeeming power of love.

Love. That’s it! This is exactly up my alley since I am a sucker for romance and a cure for my flu.

The movie started with a whirlwind romance, a chance encounter on a train then they got married. Wow, these two did not waste much time. It reminded me how my mother and father did the same thing. I think that was the ‘in’ thing during the 1940’s.

The movie was devoid of romance but full of love. A story of the transformative power of love that leads to forgiveness. A story of war and reconciliation. A story of choosing reconciliation over retribution.

Love. I just love this show!

What I learn and take away from the movie is the ending: the start of a new beginning when the two met. (spoiler alert)

The Railway Man

Nagase: I am sorry. So sorry. I don’t want to live that day anymore.
Eric: Neither do I.

Eric handed Nagase a letter and it read:

Dear Mr. Nagase:

The war has been over for many years. I have suffered much, but I know you have suffered, too. And you have been most courageous, and brave in working for reconciliation. While I cannot forget what happened in Kanchanaburi, I assure you of my total forgiveness.

Sometime the hating has to stop.

 scene from The Railway Man

As for Patti Lomax, Eric’s wife, he taught her what true forgiveness means. “For that, I owe him everything.” 

I do believe that we have to stop and break the wall of hate. Let the story of Eric, Nagase and Patti be heard. Let history speak.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

3 thoughts on “Sometime the hating has to stop.

  1. I’ve seen this movie and like you , have
    fallen in love in the story. It takes a great man to forgive someone who did all those to him during the war.
    Great story of forgiveness and friendship.-

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