Border Security

With heightened awareness on the growing tension crossing the border to USA, we make sure that we bring all proper identification. Canadian passport might not be enough because our passport states our country of origin, Philippines. Should we ever get evicted from entering USA, they might send us back there. For additional precautionary measures we bring Driver’s License, Canadian Citizenship Card and Social Insurance Number.

My sister that I spoke about here always hand carries Infant in a box when she travels doing missionary work. She’s been in and out of United State. At one point she was held once by a larger than life black officer, put her in the corner, standing tall with authority and said: “OPEN THE BOX!”

My sister demurely complied, showed the officer what’s in the box and softly said: “It’s the Holy Infant Jesus.”

What happened next is touching.

He went down on his knees, held Infant’s hand and prayed. With teary eyes, he asked my sister to please pray for him.

That she did.

So pack extra something, your prayers.


Please share your reflection. Thank you.

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