1 out of my 16 personalities

personality-test-entertainerI just found out that I will make you smile! Only Carl D’Agostino can make you smile.

Didn’t I just write about my unipolar personality for the whole week when I participated in Let’s Talk? I thought I will become as famous as Clara Hughes. Instead, my STATS flatlined!

According to this personality test, I am an entertainer with the following characteristic traits:

  • An introverted mind that determines how I interact with my environment.
  • Observant energy where I direct my mental capacity.
  • My nature is closer to 60% feeling in decision-making and coping with my emotions.
  • My tactical approach is less judgmental and more on the prospective side in work, planning, and decision-making.
  • And this is BIG, it describes identity. Identity underpins all of the above. It tested that I have no identity crisis. Meaning, I am assertive.

Huh? Really? This is so uncouth.

Go ahead. Try your personality test and let me know how accurate this is for you.

14 thoughts on “1 out of my 16 personalities

  1. Very interesting, Perpetua. I am a defender, too.
    I wonder if the result would change from year to year, because we do change, don’t we? Anyway, when I answered those questions, several times, I was thinking “I would pick this answer 5 years ago, but my answer for now is this one.” 😉
    I wanted to comment on your other posts, but there were so many thoughts in my mind and I didn’t know where to start 😉 Good articles always do that to me.
    Have a wonderful day.

    • We do change, Helen. Imagine if we are status quo day after day and do not learn from our behavioral traits. As for the comment, I hope it did not disturb your. I wrote it as a matter of fact evading any emotional words that would trigger other people. Pleasant days ahead to you. Perpetua

      • No, it didn’t disturb me. I wanted to say how brave and considerate you are, and your post warmed my heart in a strange way. But I think it’s more than brave and kind, and I couldn’t find that extra word I wanted to say. ;-(
        Thanks for writing them, Perpetua!

      • Good morning, Helen. Thank you for reading. I think you are a kind person to read and putting your thoughts down for others to read. Blessings. Perpetua

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