A letter to my nephews and nieces. Hi Kids, I am not really crazy.

Hi Kids,

Before you make up stories about me, I want to set the records straight that I am not really crazy as you think. Crazy enough that you guys had so much fun being with me doing all the field trips, telling you stories, taking you to the bone yard, hiking, camping, fighting, travelling and much more. Wasn’t that fun? Until now, you guys still talk about it. Actually, I am a living proof of a person having affective disorder; in technical term, unipolar; in local term, depression.

Sorry to disappoint you.

This is not new to you. I am sure your parents have told you. It is important to know and understand what this illness is all about and it could save your life, your children’s lives and your children’s children.

Medical journals have proven that mental illness has been passed on from one generation to another. It’s in our genes. I am not trying to scare you nor am I saying that you will suffer the same fate. This is for your health and welfare.

This is a photo of your Granny with her siblings. She’s the second to the right front row. Granny never spoke of any medical history of her family to us. All I remember that she took plenty of ‘Duplo B’ (Vitamin B) to help her moods as well as did Yoga exercises. Her siblings never discussed this either even though one of them is a doctor. That’s just the way it was then.

Here we are, the next generation more vocal than the first. Isn’t that wonderful?

In our immediate family, you know that I am not the only one that has this condition. Then there are my cousins, some of them are in the same boat as me. Not to worry, schizophrenia is not in our family. So far, mostly depression, bipolar, ADD and ADHD.

Providing you with this knowledge, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Our society has advance medical help and solution, more acceptable and more than willing to dialogue with us. Knowledge is power.

It’s good to ask your parents while they are alive. It’s good, as well, to know your partner’s history. Some of you soon will be raising your own children and you have to tell them.

Finally, when it comes to completing a medical history form with your doctor make sure you put a check mark beside mental illness.

Again, I am not crazy, just crazy about you.

Love and Prayers, Tita Lady

4 thoughts on “A letter to my nephews and nieces. Hi Kids, I am not really crazy.

  1. Awesome post! It was never talked about in my family either…and has been passed down… sadly some still deny it! I’m seeking help for mine….and feel so much better about myself!! ❤ T.

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