Trout Lake Circa January 14, 2017

Spinning myself around 360 degrees to get a full recording of my favorite place, Trout Lake, a place where I grew up with fond memories.

It was more than 20 years since the lake froze. The ambiance? Refreshing!

With all kinds of people, nationality, ethnic language, 4-year family generation and a baby on the way; I would have wanted to use the music “Of Foreign Lands and Places.” We were all in the same place at the same time to experience Joie de vi·vre.

Ah … such glorious memory.

Walking on the frozen lake feels surreal.

12 thoughts on “Trout Lake Circa January 14, 2017

  1. I’m too wobbly (even with skates) to be on any frozen lake! Used to have a pond that froze over in Northern Alta when I was a kid…skated every day I could..still really can’t skate! lol…:)

  2. love this! i missed it this year. i have fond memories of skating on the ponds at Queen Elizabeth Park when i was a kid – we called the place Little Mountain at the time. good memories. thanks for sharing!

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