The Question


I am not the only single person in the world. There are a lot of us. People are always curious about our love life and they ask:

when are you going to get married?
who are you seeing?
how come you are not married?
are you gay?
it goes on….

Now, how do we stop our friends and families from asking?

Source : Urban Etiquette by Ellen Vanstone at Metro News

4 thoughts on “The Question

  1. Good morning, Perpetua. I may be guilty too. I did ask 2 of my nieces why they were not married 2 years ago. I asked them because I wanted to get to know them better (not because I was curious), that’s all. Each of them said, “I’m happy with my life.” I then said, “Good for you. Don’t let anyone talk you out of enjoying a happy life.”

    Maybe… “I am happy with my life” is the answer for all questions. Hopefully, your friends will get it eventually and stop asking. 😉

    Have a great day.

    • Good evening, Helen. At least yours is borne out of loving them not out of curiosity. Most people are just curious, my family stopped asking me. As for friends, I give them a weird and wacky response that is so hilarious. Then they stop asking the question. Good night. Perpetua

  2. We had the same…
    The question was Always……When will you have kids.
    Time after time…and finally they stop… takes time
    And with all respect PPl should think before asking
    Wish u a peacefull evening.

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