Hey Three Kings…

Christmas ain’t over until the Three Kings came and left you their finest gift. Alas, my niece who is lucky enough to have a direct link to Baby Jesus since here mother is the chosen one of “tiny”.

Hmmm… this doesn’t sound fair to the rest of her cousins but I am pretty sure they went for a ride with the Three Kings instead.


Melchior, Caspar and Balthasar are the three wise men, they are the mystical trio full of infinite wisdom. We wait for their coming to teach us that the journey to Bethlehem on a camel was hard but worth it.

2 thoughts on “Hey Three Kings…

  1. The last Christmas decoration that I take down is the Nativity Scene. The 3 Kings have to be present to complete the scene.!
    I have told my kids about leaving the shoes by the doorway as our tradition in Philippines so the 3 Kings will bring gifts. Unfortunately, it’s Santa Clause that they believe in.
    Good for this girl to believe in 3 Kings.
    We need to continue to celebrate the Epiphany.- Evelyn

    • We have to tell them the story again on Christmas and New Years to remind them the whole story of Christmas that it includes the Three Kings and the Star of Bethlehem every year!

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