Which way is Ireland?

Two Canadian girls on a trip not knowing a single word of Gaelic. Reading these street names, we don’t even know whether it means North, South, East or West.
irish-directionWe kept on walking on the island that is thick with thistles looking for an adventure of a lifetime checking out the stone age beehives. Have you ever felt what a thistle can do to your skin even though you are fully clothed? Not a good feeling.
irish-beehiveNope, it’s not the insect bee that lives in these hives. These were once a real house. Now herds of sheep use this to shield them from the elements of mighty winds and precipitation.
irish-wallsWe are now totally lost between the walls and walls of stones that we have to climb over to see where we came from. The sign post is no longer in sight. I wonder how we manage to get out of this place alive when we came face to face with a bull.

We lived to tell the story.

22 thoughts on “Which way is Ireland?

  1. I’m from Ireland and really love reading about it from other people’s perspectives! You’ve taken some really beautiful photos – and don’t worry many Irish people also struggle to read the signs! 🙂

  2. Hi, it is lovely to see your photos and tale of exploring Ireland. I lived in West Cork for a few years. It was the happiest period of my life. I live in France now, and occasionally come across beehive shepherd shelters here too.

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